Welcome to FiberSpeed

Our goal is to provide Internet services in rural areas comparable with Fiber quality provided in the city through a combination of well-designed wireless network and proper capacity planning.

Our core values.

We provide Excellence

We invest in latest technologies so we can offer you the best rural Internet in Canada. We consider Internet a necessity and not a luxury and a necessity shouldn’t be a financial burden on anyone. That’s why our packages are unlimited as you cannot put a limit on necessity. In order to keep our prices low, we are optimizing our operational costs, so we can transfer the savings to you and offer you a decent priced Internet package. We have an unlimited plan for every budget.

We practice honesty

We are open with our customers and unlike other Internet companies, our plans with their prices are listed openly on our website. We will not practice differential pricing for the same package no matter who the customer is as every customer matters to us and we treat them all with the same respect. We don’t force customers into term agreements as we believe that the quality of service should speak for us and that should keep customer using our service. We will strive to stand up to our promises.
Honesty and quality of Service always lead to success!FiberSpeed

Excellent internet! Speeds as promised if not even faster. You will not regret changing!
- Georgie Sheard

You will not regret switching!! It’s so nice to be able to stream everything and to have unlimited service!!!!
- Melanie Sorento

FiberSpeed is amazing!! You will not be disappointed.
- Daniela De Luca-Giampietro

With FiberSpeed we are finally getting the speeds we were paying for consistently.
- Catherine Shand

FiberSpeed - no comparison- highly recommended!!!
- Deborah Wood

Very happy customers here! Never any issues with the service.
- Sarah Worthington

We are very happy with your service and even happier to make that call and cancel our Xplornet!
- Kim Samel

It's official, we have amazing internet! We installed FiberSpeed. We are beyond excited.
- Debby Smith Woodhouse

Can't say enough about how wonderful Cosmin at FiberSpeed is. Amazing customer service and great unlimited packages. The speeds are awesome. We can run multiple devices and watch Netflix with zero problems. Thank you for bringing reliable internet to our rural area.
- Debby Woodhouse

Extremely happy!

After years of having to use our mobile data plans for internet at home because there seemed to be no good option in our area, we decided to give fiberspeed a try. Install went smooth and we happened to get it in February, just before the pandemic. Since beginning of April there have been 5 internet users in the house almost all the time (thanks to COVID lockdown) and I myself have been working from home using a remote computer all day every day. We have had virtually zero issues despite constant heavy internet use. After nearly 3 months we have been incredibly happy with the service. It is actually much better than I expected. Thank you, fiberspeed!
- Eric McFetridge